AAR(Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration)
    Save 75% power of compressor

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AAR(Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration)


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Our Engineering projects have been executed worldwide. We understand global
standards, and that each customer faces different challenges in the market. Our
customer-centric approach has been rewarded with high profile clients, some of whom
have been with us over 15 years. A partial list of customers and jobs is below.

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世界競賽 得獎項目

GE GHE Ecomagination Innovation Challenge 2015
Energe Efficiency solution using Ammonia Vapor Absorption Technology

奇異公司 加拿大 油沙開採,
awards oil sand, heat pump
awards of GE-GHG-ecomagination-Naren
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Products 產品

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration & Heat Pump

Consumes 5-10% electrical power of compressor refrigeration
Ideal when waste heat or low cost heat sources are available
Gas Turbine inlet air cooling to ISO condition – using exhaust gas waste heat steam

260TR refrigeration, 0/-5℃ Brine
Compressor requirement
320 KW power
AVAR requirement
30 KW power
2,500 kg/h steam from
exhaust gas
Installed at SI Group, Navi Mumbai

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration

Combined heating (55℃ hot water) and cooling (7℃ chilled water) with LP steam.
123TR heat pump, 7℃ Chilled water
With 55℃ byproduct hot water
Original consumption
150 KW refrigeration power
1186 KW steam heating load
AVAR replacement for same output
10 KW pump power
786 KW equivalent steam heat
Installed at Nitta Gelatin, Cochin.

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Thermal oil heaters

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Heat Exchangers & Absorption / Distillation units

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration